The Upcoming Dialogue

I’m not going to explain what the title means because for those who have watched Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer(which I suppose most of you haven’t since its only on air in Singapore and Japan),you should know.I suppose I’m considered pretty lucky as Singapore is the only country that airs Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer on the same date with Japan, thanks to Odex.Whats more,ITS SUBBED(though I don’t really like Odex’s subs).Well I’m not sure if this will improve Odex’s image since I guess most of the anime lovers out there hated them ever since they appeared, but the fact that they brought this movie to Singapore is a privilege, so to the Odex staff: Thanks for it and do bring in more movies like these. Oh and a note, you people can consider me as one of the haters=).

So on to the main topic.Review and comment on the movie.Well, its really an awesome movie I would say, though some parts really disappointed me.


I’ll start off with the bad parts first.

The bad parts of the movie:

1)Raphael and 00 Quanta Gundam didn’t have much “show time”.Raphael Gundam came out like twice or trice and BOOM there it goes.Tieria’s lucky to be an Innovade.00 Quanta’s worse,came out once,Trans-Am, do some really cool stuff and gone to another dimension.

2)Too many people dying.Serious too many.The whole alliance lost 70% of their troops, Graham Aker and Andrei Smirnov got K.I.A.-ed, Harute Gundam got totalled(Allelujah and Marie didnt die,thank god) and Zabanya almost got raped bad,not to mention Marina became blind when she grew old.There’s more so just go watch it if you have the chance.

3)Ending is a little too abrupt. Setsuna and Tieria goes into the other dimension and Wow flower comes out and the end.I think most people are still like HUH WHAT THE HELL?

The Good parts of the movie:

1)Zabanya and Harute is godly.Cherudim was pretty powerful with shield bit and all.Imagine 2 times more shield bits+rifle bits this time.I think Lyle took out like 200-400 units in less than 1 min of the movie.Oh and Zabanya requires two Haros this time.Arios archer already had crazy firepower, and Harute has more.Missles flying like nobody’s business thoughout Harute’s fight scenes, whats more it has a super beam rifle.

2)Graham Aker has finally graduated from being a lonely asshole.I salute him for his actions.

3)The rest of the show of course!Go watch the movie!

The LOL parts:

1)Starting of the movie where Saji wents to watch the movie: Celestial Being.I was like WTF why is A-laws still around and there’s a black guy in the Gundam Meisters?(sorry to all black people out there,no offence meant)Best of all,00 Gundam’s Trans-Am Raiser Sword is like all gundams combines and do special attack.In short, its like Power Rangers.

2)Tieria pops out every now and then through a monitor.Privacy level in Ptolemaios becomes like 0.

3)Allelujah’s changing personality like crazy.”Hey I’m gonna kick your ass”and the next second”NO I’M GONNA SAVE HIM!”Marie’s personality did change but not much.Still,Super Soldierx2 is a pwnage in battlefield.

I’ll stop here since this post is getting really long.Do go watch the movie if you have the chance.Its really worth it.

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