My Whole Life Was Unlimited Blade Works!

Yes, I finally found time to finish watching Unlimited Blade Works.Tons of problems came up like download stopped for no reason, no time no watch it because of school work, though most of the problems was due to download stopping(too many new animes come out together and my bandwidth sucks big time so yea).

My Animes Are The Bone Of My Sword!

For those who’s still not sure what I’m ranting about, its about the movie call Unlimited Blade Works.Its a movie on the famous anime, Fate/Stay Night.For those who havent watched the anime, do go watch it before starting on the movie, because it can get really confusing.I’m not going to explain in detail what Unlimited Blade Works is about since its really very famous so googling it will most probably get you what you want(yes I love and support google).


I’ll give a rating first for Unlimited Blade Works.To me, it gets 9.9/10,5 stars out of 5,and tops in any way you can think of.The only reason I took 0.1 away from 10 points is because Illya got owned too quickly by Gilgamesh,and Gilgamesh ripped her heart out.Really didnt expect her to die but oh well.9 points out of 9.9 goes to Tohsaka Rin, Emiya Shirou and Heroic Spirit Emiya(sorry saber fans out there,I couldnt lie to myself and give her any points in this movie).Have always been a Rin fan cause of her tsundere character(I’m a tsundere lover) and in this movie she portrays her character well+a few fan service.Shirou(the young red hair version), is also awesome in this movie.In fact he’s much more awesome than he was in the anime.Took him like godknowshowmanyweeks to learn how to trace a weapon properly after Archer died in Fate/Stay Night.In this movie he managed to trace Archer’s weapons in an instant while fighting against Archer himself.Whats more,he gained his mana circle from Rin(which I’ll kill him for that if I have the chance).And finally, he OWNED Gilgamesh with his Unlimited Blade Works.Gosh Gilgamesh, you’re really a noob for getting owned by fake weapons and a magician instead of a servant.Finally, Archer(or Emiya Shirou future version).Same as Emiya Shirou, he excelled in many ways in this movie than in the anime.First, he shot a blast of Hrunting at Berserker, Emiya and Saber, which sucessfully takes away one life from Berserker and almost killing Emiya in the process.Next he won against Caster once in a battle and easily killed Caster with his own version of Gate of Babylon. His Unlimited Blade Works is as awesome as usual in the movie(he casted it twice or trice throughout the whole movie) and whats more he skipped incantations in the movie.Of couse, his Rho Aias,Kanshou and Byakuya is also awesome.

Archer with Shirou Looks

Anyway, I feel that in this movie Emiya Shirou stole a lot of fight scenes from Saber.He practically cut in everytime Saber tries to fight Archer and tries to show off his Kanshou and Byakuya.Oh and Caster,you really suck as well for almost getting yourself owned by Rin.Its okay with me, since its RIN that owned her.Of course, I enjoyed the fight between Emiya Shirou x2 the most, though its pretty one sided till the end of the battle since most of the time young Shirou just got his weapons smashed.

Enough said, go watch the movie and find out how awesome this movie really is.I’ll only put up one link to watch this movie because like always, I recommand you people to download the 1080 version and watch it on your TV/HD monitor or whatever is best.’ll have to sign up but its worth it)

In case you are looking for the torrents, here it is:

And finally, incatations for Unlimited Blade Works!

Shirou version:


I am the bone of my sword
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
 I have created over a thousand blades
 Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain
 Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival
 I have no regrets. This is the only path
 My whole life was unlimited blade works

Archer’s version:


 I am the bone of my sword
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
 I have created over a thousand blades
 Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
 Have withstood pain to create many weapons
 Yet, those hands will never hold anything
 So as I pray, unlimited blade works.

    • Chester
    • July 10th, 2011

    I have just watched the movie and i wanted to find a place where i could read someone’s opinion about the movie and ur right it’s awsome watch it in 1080 otherwise its a crime against the movie.

    Also the thing about the poem they recite when they summon Unlmited blade works is just to awsome i love it also the change from the original to the one Emiya uses now awsome

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