Cant think of any appropriate title for this post, so I’ll just use this for the time being.Anyway be prepared because this is going to be a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG post.Before I start on anything, here my new desktop wallpaper!

Well people, fall season animes has started(in fact second episodes has been released for a few animes already), and there’s quite a few interesting animes in this season. As usual, I’m going to do reviews on the animes I’m watching. Not doing any others because: Its pretty obvious.I DIDNT WATCH THEM THUS I CANNOT DO ANY REVIEW ON THEM!Well thats part of the reason but more importantly they didn’t catch my attention.Sorry to all who were looking forward to the reviews but I didn’t cover.

By name order:


My first impression on this anime on the first 10 minutes of episode 1:BORING,TYPICAL,ZZZZ. Well I’m pretty glad I at least made the effort to finish the end of episode 1, because I would really regret if I didnt and gave up this show.Turned out pretty well for episode 1’s ending. *SPOILERS*:I haven’t seen any anime that goes “HEY I’M GONNA DRAW MANGAS,AND IF I MAKE AN ANIME OUT OF IT PLZ MARRY ME KAY?”,thus I assume that its awesome.Oh and Azuki Miho’s mum is just like her+curled up hair(looks like the artist got lazy to think of new art lol)Ratings for this show would be 9/10.

2)Fortune Arteria:

Umm, I would say its an average show FOR NOW. I’ve kinda seen this storyline somewhere but I just can’t remember where. Anyway its not really that typical anime type, so I think I would give it like 7.5/10 for now, since episode 2 issn’t out(or maybe it is but I don’t enjoy watching raws for non OMGMUSTWATCHNOMATTERWHAT type of animes).I striked out everything because I’ve started to take back whatever I typed over here.Episode 2 was awesome, really gave me a big surprise because I didnt really felt like watching this show. Once again, awesome tsundere service.*SPOILERS*: What really surprised me was the vice prez was like so friendly at start which psyco-ed everybody to think she’s a saint(well she is to me) and spotlight comes down on the poor guy which made everybody believe he’s a peeping tom.But, what made thing really interesting if when the vice prez “turned on” her vampiric powers for a moment to try and save the cat.Ratings now will be 9.2/10.


This one really crack me up.Imagine a masochist guy and his full of girls around him life. Definately not your everyday anime. The first episode was really good. Man, if any guy were to get such two beauties to cure his masochist-ness, from the way they do it, the guy would really enjoy it instead of getting cured from it. Ratings for this show would be a 9.5/10 for me.

4)Motto To-Love-Ru

Like the first season, its filled with what a normal guy would like.Ecchi and harem everywhere! For storyline, its getting interesting as well.*SPOILERS*: Haruna starts to show that she likes Ritto even more now, and Lala confessed to Ritto. I think things are going to get really interesting for this anime like in season 1, so do try and watch it.Gonna give two different ratings for this show. Ratings for ecchi+harem:10/10. Ratings for the show itself:8.5/10.

5)Ore no Imouto wa Konna Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Another great anime. Younger sister is an otaku,tsundere and enjoys playing ero-games, but she tries to hide that fact.You don’t get that anywhere in real life. *SPOILERS*: Its really funny to first think that your parents will be the one playing ero-games or dating sims when you find one that doesnt belong to you at home. Anyway, All Hail Tsunderes so this show is a must watch=). Ratings(not based on biased feelings for Tsunderes) for this show will be: 9.5/10.

6)Psychic Detective Yakumo(Shinrei Tantei Yakumo)

Hmm, well for those who enjoy mystery, ghosts and stuff, this would be the show for you. Its about this young man(who looks like Yagami Light from Death Note), who is able to see and talk to ghost because of his special red left eye he has. He sets up this “club” in his university to help people solve ghost-related problems. However I find it quite contridicting since he’s a lazy chap and a hikkikomori(a person who prefers to stay at home and hates crowds), but he wants to help people with ghost-related problems.Oh and I just found out there’s a live action drama on this show.Apparently it came out before the anime.Ratings for this show:8.8/10

7)Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Well I’m not going to go into details for this one, since its a 2nd season.As usual, loads of fanservice and stuff.Storyline would be average to me but comedy and ecchi would be above average.Ratings will be 8.7/10 for this anime.

8)Star Driver

Its a pretty awesome show to me, until Takuto starts transforming and stuff.Turns out to be like power rangers or some other magical-girl type of show(no offense to all magical-girl type anime lovers,since I do enjoy Magical Lyrical Nanoha).Oh and I find it funny and rather irritated when they do that “Kiraboshi” thing, no idea why.Anyway, the storyline is really good+it has a great opening Gravity 0 by Aqua Times.Do go check out the openings on youtube or even better get the album.Ratings will be 9/10.

9)The World God Only Knows(Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

This anime is quite similar to other anime about this girl with a dog trying to capture sad souls or something(cant remember that title).Anyway to me this is better since its pretty amusing to see how an otaku like him manages to make a real girl fall for him. He understands a girl’s heart well as he’s called the God of Gal-ge(dating sims) and he claims that there is no way that he cannot get a girl he wants in any Gal-ge.Also, its pretty amusing to see how that death god girl starts screwing up his peaceful otaku life.Oh and I WANT A PFP AS WELL,ITS AMAZING!Ratings for this anime will be 9.5/10.

10)To Aru Majutsu no Index II

Oh yea!Season 2!More Biri-Biri action!This anime has been awesome ever since season 1, and I recommand this anime to all of you.Comedy, storyline, actions and all other stuff gets an A from me, thats how good this anime is.I won’t go into details for this anime since once again, its a second season anime. Do go check out this anime!Oh and Kanzaki Kaori FTW!Ratings for this anime: 9.6/10.

11)Yosuga no Sora

Last one.Some of you may be thinking why this picture looks so much like a Gal-ge/Ero-ge(dating sims) instead of an anime.Well I couldn’t find any good pictures for this anime and apparently its from a Ero-ge so I just took a more appropriate picture for this post from the game.The anime itself is quite interesting, but I think if anybody that has played this game before would think that its not really that great(not that I’ve played it before).Loads of fanservice once again and storyline is above average.Its worth watching.Anyway I sense that there will be a Yandere character in this anime soon, since all other type of characters are already out.Ratings will be 9.1/10.

I’ll continue some really great openings/endings in another post so do check it out.

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