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First up, Happy New Year to all of you out there! Its a late post(considered late since its not up by 1st Jan) because of the countdown party being held at my house, need time to sleep and of course games =).

There’s quite a lot of resolutions this year for me, and I really hope all of them could be fulfilled.

1)Clear all my visual novels(this means Kami-mode switch= turned on)

2)Graduate from school properly

3)Secure a course from a university I like

4)Get more ps3 games

5)Earn enough cash to support my further studies

6)Sub more PVs

7)Get into a good company for NS

8)Meet -aira- once more!

9)Watch more awesome animes

10)And more stuff(lol).

My thoughts on the previous year:

Pretty much a great year since I suppose much more positive stuff than negative stuff happened. Though it can be better.

Anyway gonna have a few photoshoots as soon as I get my costume/stuff ready, will post up photos if after that.

Most of you probably would have noticed. Yes, the first picture is taken from Ore no Imouto wa Konna Kawaii Wake ga Nai’s official website. Its actually a new year greeting card and it caught my attention so it came up here. Don’t ask me how I got it. Oh and I also looted a doraemon greeting card, will post it up here once I managed to convert it.

Lastly, cosrain(or maybe aira herself) hadnt been putting up much photos of -aira-, so cant put up much photos here, so just going to add some Sakine Meiko cosplay done by -aira-.(adding photos later)

Note: I’ll be continuing AyaHiranoDake until this blog starts to pick up in stats.Posts will be the same for both blogs.

Still, do go visit AiraForLife as that will be the main blog from now on.


New Blog!

After such a long time I finally have some time to post this. I’m changing blogs. Kinda sad to say this but after such a long time, this blog finally has proper view ratings and I hope that all the viewers would still support my other blog.Anyway here’s the link to the other blog–>-Aira-

Thanks for all your support!

Edit: I’ve imported all my posts to the other blog. Will probably take this blog down after the new year.


Cant think of any appropriate title for this post, so I’ll just use this for the time being.Anyway be prepared because this is going to be a LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG post.Before I start on anything, here my new desktop wallpaper!

Well people, fall season animes has started(in fact second episodes has been released for a few animes already), and there’s quite a few interesting animes in this season. As usual, I’m going to do reviews on the animes I’m watching. Not doing any others because: Its pretty obvious.I DIDNT WATCH THEM THUS I CANNOT DO ANY REVIEW ON THEM!Well thats part of the reason but more importantly they didn’t catch my attention.Sorry to all who were looking forward to the reviews but I didn’t cover.

By name order:


My first impression on this anime on the first 10 minutes of episode 1:BORING,TYPICAL,ZZZZ. Well I’m pretty glad I at least made the effort to finish the end of episode 1, because I would really regret if I didnt and gave up this show.Turned out pretty well for episode 1’s ending. *SPOILERS*:I haven’t seen any anime that goes “HEY I’M GONNA DRAW MANGAS,AND IF I MAKE AN ANIME OUT OF IT PLZ MARRY ME KAY?”,thus I assume that its awesome.Oh and Azuki Miho’s mum is just like her+curled up hair(looks like the artist got lazy to think of new art lol)Ratings for this show would be 9/10.

2)Fortune Arteria:

Umm, I would say its an average show FOR NOW. I’ve kinda seen this storyline somewhere but I just can’t remember where. Anyway its not really that typical anime type, so I think I would give it like 7.5/10 for now, since episode 2 issn’t out(or maybe it is but I don’t enjoy watching raws for non OMGMUSTWATCHNOMATTERWHAT type of animes).I striked out everything because I’ve started to take back whatever I typed over here.Episode 2 was awesome, really gave me a big surprise because I didnt really felt like watching this show. Once again, awesome tsundere service.*SPOILERS*: What really surprised me was the vice prez was like so friendly at start which psyco-ed everybody to think she’s a saint(well she is to me) and spotlight comes down on the poor guy which made everybody believe he’s a peeping tom.But, what made thing really interesting if when the vice prez “turned on” her vampiric powers for a moment to try and save the cat.Ratings now will be 9.2/10.


This one really crack me up.Imagine a masochist guy and his full of girls around him life. Definately not your everyday anime. The first episode was really good. Man, if any guy were to get such two beauties to cure his masochist-ness, from the way they do it, the guy would really enjoy it instead of getting cured from it. Ratings for this show would be a 9.5/10 for me.

4)Motto To-Love-Ru

Like the first season, its filled with what a normal guy would like.Ecchi and harem everywhere! For storyline, its getting interesting as well.*SPOILERS*: Haruna starts to show that she likes Ritto even more now, and Lala confessed to Ritto. I think things are going to get really interesting for this anime like in season 1, so do try and watch it.Gonna give two different ratings for this show. Ratings for ecchi+harem:10/10. Ratings for the show itself:8.5/10.

5)Ore no Imouto wa Konna Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Another great anime. Younger sister is an otaku,tsundere and enjoys playing ero-games, but she tries to hide that fact.You don’t get that anywhere in real life. *SPOILERS*: Its really funny to first think that your parents will be the one playing ero-games or dating sims when you find one that doesnt belong to you at home. Anyway, All Hail Tsunderes so this show is a must watch=). Ratings(not based on biased feelings for Tsunderes) for this show will be: 9.5/10.

6)Psychic Detective Yakumo(Shinrei Tantei Yakumo)

Hmm, well for those who enjoy mystery, ghosts and stuff, this would be the show for you. Its about this young man(who looks like Yagami Light from Death Note), who is able to see and talk to ghost because of his special red left eye he has. He sets up this “club” in his university to help people solve ghost-related problems. However I find it quite contridicting since he’s a lazy chap and a hikkikomori(a person who prefers to stay at home and hates crowds), but he wants to help people with ghost-related problems.Oh and I just found out there’s a live action drama on this show.Apparently it came out before the anime.Ratings for this show:8.8/10

7)Sora no Otoshimono Forte

Well I’m not going to go into details for this one, since its a 2nd season.As usual, loads of fanservice and stuff.Storyline would be average to me but comedy and ecchi would be above average.Ratings will be 8.7/10 for this anime.

8)Star Driver

Its a pretty awesome show to me, until Takuto starts transforming and stuff.Turns out to be like power rangers or some other magical-girl type of show(no offense to all magical-girl type anime lovers,since I do enjoy Magical Lyrical Nanoha).Oh and I find it funny and rather irritated when they do that “Kiraboshi” thing, no idea why.Anyway, the storyline is really good+it has a great opening Gravity 0 by Aqua Times.Do go check out the openings on youtube or even better get the album.Ratings will be 9/10.

9)The World God Only Knows(Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

This anime is quite similar to other anime about this girl with a dog trying to capture sad souls or something(cant remember that title).Anyway to me this is better since its pretty amusing to see how an otaku like him manages to make a real girl fall for him. He understands a girl’s heart well as he’s called the God of Gal-ge(dating sims) and he claims that there is no way that he cannot get a girl he wants in any Gal-ge.Also, its pretty amusing to see how that death god girl starts screwing up his peaceful otaku life.Oh and I WANT A PFP AS WELL,ITS AMAZING!Ratings for this anime will be 9.5/10.

10)To Aru Majutsu no Index II

Oh yea!Season 2!More Biri-Biri action!This anime has been awesome ever since season 1, and I recommand this anime to all of you.Comedy, storyline, actions and all other stuff gets an A from me, thats how good this anime is.I won’t go into details for this anime since once again, its a second season anime. Do go check out this anime!Oh and Kanzaki Kaori FTW!Ratings for this anime: 9.6/10.

11)Yosuga no Sora

Last one.Some of you may be thinking why this picture looks so much like a Gal-ge/Ero-ge(dating sims) instead of an anime.Well I couldn’t find any good pictures for this anime and apparently its from a Ero-ge so I just took a more appropriate picture for this post from the game.The anime itself is quite interesting, but I think if anybody that has played this game before would think that its not really that great(not that I’ve played it before).Loads of fanservice once again and storyline is above average.Its worth watching.Anyway I sense that there will be a Yandere character in this anime soon, since all other type of characters are already out.Ratings will be 9.1/10.

I’ll continue some really great openings/endings in another post so do check it out.

My Whole Life Was Unlimited Blade Works!

Yes, I finally found time to finish watching Unlimited Blade Works.Tons of problems came up like download stopped for no reason, no time no watch it because of school work, though most of the problems was due to download stopping(too many new animes come out together and my bandwidth sucks big time so yea).

My Animes Are The Bone Of My Sword!

For those who’s still not sure what I’m ranting about, its about the movie call Unlimited Blade Works.Its a movie on the famous anime, Fate/Stay Night.For those who havent watched the anime, do go watch it before starting on the movie, because it can get really confusing.I’m not going to explain in detail what Unlimited Blade Works is about since its really very famous so googling it will most probably get you what you want(yes I love and support google).


I’ll give a rating first for Unlimited Blade Works.To me, it gets 9.9/10,5 stars out of 5,and tops in any way you can think of.The only reason I took 0.1 away from 10 points is because Illya got owned too quickly by Gilgamesh,and Gilgamesh ripped her heart out.Really didnt expect her to die but oh well.9 points out of 9.9 goes to Tohsaka Rin, Emiya Shirou and Heroic Spirit Emiya(sorry saber fans out there,I couldnt lie to myself and give her any points in this movie).Have always been a Rin fan cause of her tsundere character(I’m a tsundere lover) and in this movie she portrays her character well+a few fan service.Shirou(the young red hair version), is also awesome in this movie.In fact he’s much more awesome than he was in the anime.Took him like godknowshowmanyweeks to learn how to trace a weapon properly after Archer died in Fate/Stay Night.In this movie he managed to trace Archer’s weapons in an instant while fighting against Archer himself.Whats more,he gained his mana circle from Rin(which I’ll kill him for that if I have the chance).And finally, he OWNED Gilgamesh with his Unlimited Blade Works.Gosh Gilgamesh, you’re really a noob for getting owned by fake weapons and a magician instead of a servant.Finally, Archer(or Emiya Shirou future version).Same as Emiya Shirou, he excelled in many ways in this movie than in the anime.First, he shot a blast of Hrunting at Berserker, Emiya and Saber, which sucessfully takes away one life from Berserker and almost killing Emiya in the process.Next he won against Caster once in a battle and easily killed Caster with his own version of Gate of Babylon. His Unlimited Blade Works is as awesome as usual in the movie(he casted it twice or trice throughout the whole movie) and whats more he skipped incantations in the movie.Of couse, his Rho Aias,Kanshou and Byakuya is also awesome.

Archer with Shirou Looks

Anyway, I feel that in this movie Emiya Shirou stole a lot of fight scenes from Saber.He practically cut in everytime Saber tries to fight Archer and tries to show off his Kanshou and Byakuya.Oh and Caster,you really suck as well for almost getting yourself owned by Rin.Its okay with me, since its RIN that owned her.Of course, I enjoyed the fight between Emiya Shirou x2 the most, though its pretty one sided till the end of the battle since most of the time young Shirou just got his weapons smashed.

Enough said, go watch the movie and find out how awesome this movie really is.I’ll only put up one link to watch this movie because like always, I recommand you people to download the 1080 version and watch it on your TV/HD monitor or whatever is best.’ll have to sign up but its worth it)

In case you are looking for the torrents, here it is:

And finally, incatations for Unlimited Blade Works!

Shirou version:


I am the bone of my sword
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
 I have created over a thousand blades
 Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain
 Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival
 I have no regrets. This is the only path
 My whole life was unlimited blade works

Archer’s version:


 I am the bone of my sword
 Steel is my body and fire is my blood
 I have created over a thousand blades
 Unknown to Death, Nor known to Life
 Have withstood pain to create many weapons
 Yet, those hands will never hold anything
 So as I pray, unlimited blade works.


WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!!?

I can’t believe that this is happening.I can understand that good animes will have to end some day, and I accept the fact that animes like Seitokai Yakuin Domo, (Edit)Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, K-ON!! and all other animes that lasted 1 season(or 13 epsiodes) will end some day, but the most shocking anime that ended was Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

I’m pretty slow on coming to know about such news, and when the final episode came out, as usual I was happily watching it, and when the ending came, I was stunned to see the “Thank You For Your Support!”. Went ahead and search for evidence to prove myself wrong but ANN(Anime News Network) had to show me the “Number of Episodes:203”.Still trying to deceive myself, went to hitman reborn’s main site and saw “The Broadcast has ended.Thank you for your support!”. They better have a season 9 coming out once the manga is fast enough. I was really looking forward to the Shimon Arc.Guess its best that I re-watch all 8 seasons for now. Here’s an opening of one of Katekyo Hitman Reborn’s best opening.

Alright, next up will be rants on Seitokai Yakuin Domo. All 13 episodes have been aired, and all 13 episodes are awesome. New character appeared in final episode, so I hope to see a 2nd season soon(or at least I hope they come out with one).Kinda expected that the new character is another wierdo, since NOBODY except Tsuda is normal.As usual, cant get enough of Amakusa Shino(Hikasa Youko).Her “innocence” is really lol.Oh and Hata is awesome as usual.All scenes of Hata throughout the series never fails to crack me up.

"No Scoop, No Life" by Ranko Hata

I might do a picture post soon of Seitokai Yakuin Domo soon since its really boring at school. Credits to and Hiromi for the pictures(Sorry cant resist to steal them cause they are too awesome).Here’s one last picture for this post.


文学少女(Bungaku Shoujo)

Its pretty obvious what I’m going to write about in this post.Yes, like what’s stated in the title, its about 文学少女(Bungaku Shoujo).

In case of some really slow people who has never heard of this anime/movie, I’m gonna do a short summary on it.Its about this girl who eats nothing but stories.Normal food has no taste to her,while nice stories taste really delicious to her.And yes, she eats them by tearing pages from books, and that makes her Bungaku Shoujo.Contridicts a little, but still its awesome.When she was young, her father tells her that she’s not allowed to let anybody know that she’s a Bungaku Shoujo, as that will freak people out.She’s only allowed to let her own personal writer that will write for her for the rest of her life(that means her lifetime partner).One day, she came across a book, Sora ni Miteru(Just like the Sky), in the stores and she fell in love with it.She decided to find out who the writer is.Any more information just go and take a look.

Inoue Konoha's Lover Candidates


Anyway, here’s the reasons of why I’m doing a post for this anime/movie.

1)Its really awesome.

2)First time I ignored all messages/calls/msn/mum nags/whatever that distracts me for a movie.

3)Hirano Aya voiced as one of the characters in this show.And of course many other famous VAs are in it as well.

4)Storyline=typical but perfect.

When the OVA first came out, the way they portray the character’s feelings and all made me really interested,although there little(and close to none) storyline in that OVA.And when I finally spared some time to watch the movie, I was really mesmorised by everything in the movie.Really awesome.Oh and I really like how the director made Amano Touko(yes thats the Bungaku Shoujo) portray various expressions when she eats the stories and expresses her feelings.Sad thing is, this movie is filled with rejections, so girls out there, if you want to watch this awesome movie, get ready a box of tissues if you want(for tears and not for other youknowwhat purpose).Oh and did I mention that the VA for Amano Touko is Hanazawa Kana(VA for Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats,Sengoku Nadeko from Bakemonogatari,Kuroi Mato from Black Rock Shooter,Sonohara Anri from Durarara,Sakura Hanazono from Kaichou wa Maido-Sama)?She makes it double the worth to watch this show.

Just a few notes before I end this post.

1)Inoue Konoha reminds me of that main character in Myself,Youself.

2)Amano Touko FTW!

3)The theme song sounds so much awesome after watching the movie.

The Upcoming Dialogue

I’m not going to explain what the title means because for those who have watched Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer(which I suppose most of you haven’t since its only on air in Singapore and Japan),you should know.I suppose I’m considered pretty lucky as Singapore is the only country that airs Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer on the same date with Japan, thanks to Odex.Whats more,ITS SUBBED(though I don’t really like Odex’s subs).Well I’m not sure if this will improve Odex’s image since I guess most of the anime lovers out there hated them ever since they appeared, but the fact that they brought this movie to Singapore is a privilege, so to the Odex staff: Thanks for it and do bring in more movies like these. Oh and a note, you people can consider me as one of the haters=).

So on to the main topic.Review and comment on the movie.Well, its really an awesome movie I would say, though some parts really disappointed me.


I’ll start off with the bad parts first.

The bad parts of the movie:

1)Raphael and 00 Quanta Gundam didn’t have much “show time”.Raphael Gundam came out like twice or trice and BOOM there it goes.Tieria’s lucky to be an Innovade.00 Quanta’s worse,came out once,Trans-Am, do some really cool stuff and gone to another dimension.

2)Too many people dying.Serious too many.The whole alliance lost 70% of their troops, Graham Aker and Andrei Smirnov got K.I.A.-ed, Harute Gundam got totalled(Allelujah and Marie didnt die,thank god) and Zabanya almost got raped bad,not to mention Marina became blind when she grew old.There’s more so just go watch it if you have the chance.

3)Ending is a little too abrupt. Setsuna and Tieria goes into the other dimension and Wow flower comes out and the end.I think most people are still like HUH WHAT THE HELL?

The Good parts of the movie:

1)Zabanya and Harute is godly.Cherudim was pretty powerful with shield bit and all.Imagine 2 times more shield bits+rifle bits this time.I think Lyle took out like 200-400 units in less than 1 min of the movie.Oh and Zabanya requires two Haros this time.Arios archer already had crazy firepower, and Harute has more.Missles flying like nobody’s business thoughout Harute’s fight scenes, whats more it has a super beam rifle.

2)Graham Aker has finally graduated from being a lonely asshole.I salute him for his actions.

3)The rest of the show of course!Go watch the movie!

The LOL parts:

1)Starting of the movie where Saji wents to watch the movie: Celestial Being.I was like WTF why is A-laws still around and there’s a black guy in the Gundam Meisters?(sorry to all black people out there,no offence meant)Best of all,00 Gundam’s Trans-Am Raiser Sword is like all gundams combines and do special attack.In short, its like Power Rangers.

2)Tieria pops out every now and then through a monitor.Privacy level in Ptolemaios becomes like 0.

3)Allelujah’s changing personality like crazy.”Hey I’m gonna kick your ass”and the next second”NO I’M GONNA SAVE HIM!”Marie’s personality did change but not much.Still,Super Soldierx2 is a pwnage in battlefield.

I’ll stop here since this post is getting really long.Do go watch the movie if you have the chance.Its really worth it.