Dead?No way.

To all people who thinks that this blog is dead.TOO BAD!!—>IT ISSNT DEAD=).

Might be a little pointless, but i’ll add in a “FAQ” here anyway.(It may be FAQ, but these are just questions i came up myself)

Q1)Are you trolling everyone about the site is not dead?

A1)Of course not.

Q2)Why is there no new releases of PV’s if the site is not dead?

A2)Well, the truth is I’ve been slacking.Also looking for an awesome PV that will boost my motivation to sub.

Q3)How about all the “projects” that you’ve promised?Will they be released?

A3)Sad to say but i’ve dropped them all.Its a hassle really.Will only do them when i feel like it.

Q4)This blog is really pointless.You don’t even update much about Aya Hirano.You suck man.

Q5)Yes I know i suck=).Well i don’t update much about Aya Hirano cause she hasn’t done anything much for me to update.Or even if she does the news does not get to me.

Okay any further people might start thinking i am a nutcase posting questions and answering them myself.I’m waiting for some new anime opening releases.I bet they will be awesome and of course i will do thier PV’s if they really ARE that awesome.

Here’s some OPs that i MIGHT be doing.(Don’t keep your hopes high)

Angel Beats Opening(I like the piano part at the start)

Someone Else(Someone one one!,I really hope they release a PV for this)

Listen to the stereo!!(TPA->Tsuna Pawns All)

Edit: Well thanks people!The number of people subscribing to my youtube channel really motivates me a lot.As promised, I’ll start working on a PV tomorrow.Song title will be a secret(or rather I haven’t think about which one I will do yet).


Listen to the stereo!!Tonight Tonight Tonight!

Guess most of you people that watches katekyo hitman reborn knows this.Yep, this is the new opening being used for Katekyo Hitman Reborn.I wouldn’t usually post new openings and stuff here but this is going to be a special case.Its really nice(not to mention the opening video was awesome as well).Here’s the vid:

Kay.Spoilers here.Nothing new to manga readers.

  1. See the first part where Yuni’s pacifier is glowing?Well, she sacrificing herself.That shadowy arm that hugs here should be Ganma.
  2. Well, most of you might have guessed it but yea, Vongola guardians and Millifiore guardians had a blast at a party!Joking, they fought like mad.True power of vongola boxes are seen during the battles.(That means they showed nothing about vongola boxes yet! ‘o’!
  3. Ever thought why Millifiore family has 1 member short(the lightning element)?Well that member is call Ghost,which is also Byakuran from the other parallel world.Crazy dude yea.Whats more crazy that Ghost just walks around releasing lightning element flames and absorbs all flames around him.Worse, he cant be hit by any attacks!Tsuna settled him though(obviously using Zero Breakthrough as shown in the video).Oh did i mention Bluebell turned into a corpse cause of this naked dude?Sad man,Bluebell is like 1 of the cutest character in this show, though she’s from millifiore.
  4. Tsuna used Zero Breakthrough means that he absorbed all the flames that Ghost absorbed?!?!?!Sad but no!Just before Tsuna could absorb them, Byakuran absorbed Ghost 1st, since Ghost is also another him.Those flames powered up Byakuran into a freak.Really dumb to use the flames to make himself
  5. See the Arcobalenos?Well they’re there for a reason.Yuni Sacrificed herself along with Ganma to revive them.Not sure if this is mentioned in the anime, but Arcobalenos are peace makers.No them=Triniset Unbalanced=World in trouble.
  6. Vongola Primo Guardians appear for you people to think”OH THEY LOOK REALLY ALIKE DECIMO’S FAMILY!”?Well I suppose so.But its not the same when Vongola Primo(Giotto’s his real name).He came out billion times so i guess nobody’s interested in him.He’s the tide turner if you people do not know.He unlocked the power of the Vongola ring for Tsuna and his guardians.Read more about Giotto here:

Well I aint going much into details but here are some of the openings/endings that i found which are really good for this season.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama(That kaichou’s really cute!)

Angel Beats(Ending theme or Opening theme not sure,but the insert song is nice)

Damm…when will i ever reach this kind of standard?

This was what i was refering to.Gosh, you people are awesome!Well i do play the piano, but i kinda suck at it.Maybe wait another 2-3 years before i post my own video on youtube?Anyway, her piano skills are so great that it made me listen to it for the whole day.Even able to fall asleep on the bus.Oh and yea, let mi clarify it, the pianist is a girl right?The hands look too nice to be a guy’s hands.Sorry if i made any mistake on it.

If any of you are thinking when i will release PVs,the answer is NOT ANYTIME SOON=).Well reformating my computer gave me a hell lot of trouble, and i am still very busy nowadays.So until i am REALLY free, i won’t start on any PVs.

By the way, I am sure most of you anime fans know about the fansub group: GG. Well i personally like thier fansubs, especially the recent ones:Baka to Test to Shokanju.Thier fansubbing skills i would say are unrivalled.Totally great.Sadly they stopped fansubbing.Oh well, i really hope they do get back soon again.

Here’s an Aya Hirano pic.(Blurry cause i snapped it from a video)

I lost a bucket worth of blood

No joke.Lost that bucket worth of blood when I saw Aya Hirano’s performance at Animelo 2009.Her Duet with Nana Mizuki was perfect,hate to admit but Nana Mizuki was really better than Aya on that stage.The dance move Aya did with Discothque(or howtheheckyouspellit) really boost her sexyness.Her voice alone is powerful and special enough,with that much sex appeal, I think any more could make all her fans bleed 10 trucks full of blood.Oh did i mention her outfit gets better every year?This year’s outfit started off with a skirt and vest/jacket with a silver tube top.A lot of people say that her “partly” braided hair looks special and nice, but i didnt really like it.Thats 1st part when she performed with Nana Mizuki.

Super driver starts and she came out without her vest/jacket.The moment i saw it blood really did come out from my nose.NO JOKE.Before the 2nd performance, Set Me Free, she did a really sexy dance with all the dancers.Oh and yeah, this time she came out with her vest/jacket unbuttoned and a silver hot pants.Well i did enjoy it, but here’s a comment of what i think for Aya,hope she see’s it.Adding in hiragana so that its easier for Japanese to understand.



“I am honoured that I’ve seen and heard such a beautiful singer and beautiful voice.I wouldn’t say the sexyness doesn’t fit you, but I feel that singing in the usual way(for example:Love Gun PV,Speed Star PV)is still the best.Its being voiced out by not only me but many of your fans online.”

Kay continuing my story.The performance for Set Me Free was as good as usual.Wish I could be there to catch her hat.=(.Anyway,loved it.Here’s a few videos of her performance.

Super Driver

Discotheque and MonSTAR

In my opinion, Day 2 was better than Day 1.Do go buy the DVD’s and take a look!

Old news i guess..but its new to me=)

Well…Gundam 00 is like 1 of my favorite gundam series of all. Heard of movie coming out and even watched the first trailer on it.BUT!2nd trailer came out and NOBODY told me!Here’s the trailer

Very cool…Absolutely very cool.Left speechless(or you can take it as my lack of vocabulary)


  1. Remember that white hair good for nothing commander that died early(season 1 or 2,cant remember)?apparently he’s back as an Innovade(or Innovator?).
  2. The world knows about the existance of Innovades now.
  3. System operations in gundams no longer look computer-like.It adapts like real-life.3D EVERYWHERE!
  4. Not a confirmed info, but seems that Nena’s still alive.And she said something about the Federation goverment having top secret data about Innovators.
  5. Setsuna shouted “RIBBONS ALMARK!”
  6. Shocked faces of meisters when they see Tiera Erde.
  7. Setsuna’s 00 qan’t system looks very cool.
  8. Graham(Mr Bushido)’s back to his flag fighter i guess.This time with twin drives.As always, his obsession with Setsuna hasn’t changed.

Another unconfirmed news.I heard its coming to Singapore.Well..i’ll go check it out myself.If there’s really a poster/trailer that is being shown in Singapore, means its going to be a 99% confirmed news.

As for the PV’s, well just take it as I’ll only start on them when I am really bored.Most of the PV’s I planned to sub were subbed by others, and i think that they did a better job than what i am about to do.

Oh and yes.Did I mention that Kaiji the movie is nice?Well, some parts of storyline and game details didn’t follow the anime, but it was still great because Yui sang both “Never say die” and “Its all too much”.Here’s the songs

Its all too much(piano version,cant find the song,dont feel like uploading)

Couldn’t find Never say die.Oh well,if you people are really interested in it, finding the downloads are easy.In my case, Never say die seems better.

Knew its gonna come out someday

Like whats stated topic, I knew this was going to come out someday.

An original version to compare with.

Well, I personally think that both versions are awesome.But in this case i would guess the original version sung by Nagi is better.Maybe the Miku version was a little “patchy”.Oh well, if it wasn’t that “patchy” i guess it would really sound great.

Okay.Just an update.Next PV to do will definately be Sayonara Memories.SADLY, it will only be done after 3rd week of March.Will be busy till then.So people, do wait till then=).

Some “Gifts” to keep you people entertained for the 2 weeks.

“Gift” No.1:Go take a look

“Gift” No.2:Torrent file for all the pv’s i’ve subbed currently





Release info
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Series: Bakemonogatari
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/8
Release date: TBA 2010
Price: TBA

If this issnt awesome i’ve got nothing else to say.This is definately in my to get list.Oh yea, there’s more stuff which are also pretty interesting and worth buying.Stuff like this.


O Hail Good Smile Company!(I’ve been a great customer and already bought both sets of Nendoroid Petite).Oh and yes, if anybody has a Senjougahara Hitagi Mousepad(picture below) and wants to sell it, COME FIND ME!Singapore sellers only please,i hate overseas transactions.