Still working on it!

Just like what the topic title said:still working on it!Well, didn’t really have any time to go sub any pv’s due to heavy workload from school(ITS AN EXCUSE FOR BEING LAZY).So yea.I suppose its going to be out within sometime this week, since i’ve set a goal to sub at least 3 pv’s before chinese new year.

Here’s a list of pv’s that i’ve gotten so far.

1)Girls, Be Ambitious by Haruka Tomatsu(Pv no.1 that will be out this week)

2)Only my Railgun by Fripside(Pv no.2 that will be out this week)

3)Share the World by Tohoshinki(Pv no.3 that will be out this week)

4)Pride by High and Mighty Color

5)Masterpiece by Mami Kawada

Oh yes, I MIGHT be posting links for No Credit Openings/Endings(NCOP/NCED) for various animes.

Anyway, here’s an unsubbed version of Girls, Be Ambitious.For those who don’t know, its the ending song for So-Ra-No-Oto.Its kinda nice, thus its currently no.1 priority.Do visit my channel on youtube as well:


Saa~Hajime Zamasu yo!

Lol…random topic…yes i know.Anyway, subbing of either pv’s that i mentioned on the previous post still issn’t done yet.Well, i’ll try to get it done by today and if there’s no distraction, i might be able to finish both=).For now, i’ll just post some piano youtube videos that i found.I kinda like the piano a lot,though i stopped learning 1/2way.Trying to learn it once again=).[Edit:Currently uploading Enrai.Link will be up here tomorrow i guess][Edit:Uploading is taking longer than usual thanks to youtube deleteing the vid that i just uploaded] Edit:FINALLY DONE.Here’s the link:

Here are some of my fav vids(THEY ARE AWESOME!).

Anime Piano 2008 by Josh Agarrado

Share the world(One piece opening) by Tohoshinki

Lion(Macross Frontier opening) by May’n

Tsukiakari no Michishirube(Darker than black opening)by Stereopony

Period(Full metal alchemist brotherhood opening)by Chemistry


Sign by Flow PV

Yea i know i did say i was doing Enrai~Tooku ni Aru Akari~ at first, but somehow this caught my attention more than Enrai.O might not be as good as the Tsukiakari no Michishirube that i did..but i still think its rather awesome.

Without further delay…here’s the vid.

Speaking of the song Sign by FLOW, i think FLOW released a song call FLOW x NARUTO Time machine special.Its has all naruto openings which were sung by FLOW in it,though its all remixed version.GO!,Re:member and of course Sign.Personally i think that Sign is the best among the 3.The original version alone is awesome, andthe slow version from FLOW x NARUTO Time machine special really left me speechless.Its really worth listening to, so people go find your ways and get that song.

Anyway, i’ll get the download link for the video above done asap.Next work should be either Only my railgun by fripside or Enrai~Tooku ni Aru Akari~ by High and Mighty Color(i cant do 2 in 1 day unless i really have nothing much to do)

I found something that caught my attention which made me post it here.Look at this poster.

Its freaking USD 1.7k!!!Just a poster alone with Aya Hirano’s signature on it cost that much.Damm…HURRY UP AND COME TO SINGAPORE AYA HIRANO!!!

Lucky Star Net Idol Meister OP/ED

Woot!Lucky Star Net Idol Meister for PSP’s OP/ED album is out!Of course…Aya Hirano is 1 of the singers.I would say its a really cute opening(didn’t really like the ending though), or maybe its “Lucky Star” like opening.Anyway, opening song would be ” Na.Ri.A.Ga.Ri” and ending song would be”Nande Dattakke Idol¿”.I havent had the chance to play the game yet, so i cant really comment on the game yet.

Oh yea…seems like the opening song for Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi is somehow streamed.Not going into details because 1st, Notcliche(look under links) did it(not going to double/steal post).2nd, I prefer to go into details when the album is out.Since I am(or maybe not) on the topic of links, Otaku-Streamers is a good site for anime streaming.So do go check it out!

I remembered that I would post up my next work on this post, but doubt its gonna be possible since I didn’t have the time.I’ll get it done as soon as possible(MIGHT add in more pv’s instead of just 1).Look forward to it!And yea,just remembered something else.Added DL links for the 1st 2 videos(Tsukiakari no Michishirube and Speed Star).Enjoy!

(Cute picture of Aya Hirano that I found=).Liked it so much that its my profile picture now^^)

Disappearence of Suzumiya Haruhi(涼宮ハルヒの消失)

I know its a late post but yea…the movie is comin out in japan on 6th of febuary 2010. Haruhi fans get ready!!Well…i WAS once a haruhi fan…but the endless eight on season 2 disappointed me.BADLY.O well…i will still watch it if i have the chance(if you know what i mean=)).

Here’s a trailer for the movie(i am guessing kyon shot/killed someone in the movie.Gonna be worth watching after all huh)

And yea…something that actually kinda shocked me.AYA HIRANO(Suzumiya Haruhi) ISSNT THE OP/ED SINGER,AND MINORI CHIHARA(Yuki) WAS CHOSEN INSTEAD.Imagine the “1 episode less than 10-20 lines” Yuki singing it.Anyway, the ending song is “Yasashii Boukyaku (優しい忘却)”.

Btw next up is probably gonna be my next work:Enrai~Tooku Ni Aru Akari~ by High and Mighty Color.

AyaHiranoDake done.

main purpose of this blog?

 SIMPLE.posts of pv of songs from animes(1 great example,aya hirano) and also some pv’s with subs(done by me)that i think that it will be worthy of putting up here will be up here.Of course, great aya hirano fan this blog is gonna serve as an awesoem aya hirano fan blog as well=) Here’s some pv’s that i did.3 videos this time to “celebrate” the opening of this blog=).

Speed Star PV by Aya Hirano(no time/lazy to add in kanji and eng translated lyrics)


Tsukiakari no Michishirube by Stereopony(one of my best work i would say)


Alternative by Angela(this 1 was a tryout when i 1st started subbing pv’s)

(ps:I know the layout sucks..gimmie time…changing it soon)